North Bengal Art Academy is also associated with Micro Planning and we have conducted numerous Micro Planning in the villages in close proximity of the forests or the forest villages which are situated inside the forest. Micro Planning is actually an empowering process and it helps the villagers to know or learn more about themselves, about the resources available in the forest, the challenges of leading lives in the forest. Micro plan helps to identify and then plan for the development of the forest villages. Micro plan is actually the planning for the development of an area after identifying the areas which needs to be looked into. Micro plan is very important in forest villages as it not only focuses in the activities related to the forests but on the overall development that needs to be taken in the area.

We have also conduct baseline survey as it provides the information base against which an activity can be monitored and assessed during the implementation and after completion of the activity. Base line surveys help us to identify the area that needs to be focused.