North Bengal Art Academy aims at contributing towards the society. We strongly believe that positive contribution towards the society should be taken seriously by each conscious individual.

All realistic and innovative ideas brought to us are supported and planned accordingly so that the society is ultimately benefited. Positive ideas and activities are conducted looking upon the area in which a society is drawn back. The areas in which a society is lagging behind is discussed and a meaningful solution is implemented for the development of the society.

Right contribution and enthusiasm from each concerned individual can uplift and develop a society within a short span of time.

“Project Chetna” is a very robust step taken by North Bengal Art Academy in order to overcome the various problems that are faced by the society. Therefore we provide facility of associating social volunteers with our organization in order to conduct various social activities to uplift and develop the society.Social volunteers are encouraged to develop activities that are gainful towards the society

Terms and conditions for association for association of Social volunteers.

  1. The association of social volunteer is purely done in order to uplift and development work for the society. The volunteers are not associated with the main stream activities of the society.
  2. Any individual of sound mind having faith in the aims of the NGO can become its volunteer for free. However the Board Members reserves to itself the right to accept or deny membership to any individual without assigning any reason whatsoever and its decision shall be final.
  3. By becoming a volunteer he/she shall obtain a ID card and will have access to all the programmes and functions of the NGO throughout the year. He/she may attend important meetings and offer suggestions at times.
  4. He/She may contribute donations towards the NGO to conduct various social activities and may take active participations or offer suggestions to conduct such events.
Social worker word cloud concept on grey background


  • Any member of the society who works against the interests, objectives & reputation of the NGO will cease to be its member. The board members shall have full power to take such decision.
  • If he/she dies, resigns, become of unsound mind or is convicted of a criminal offence.
  • A member may resign from the membership of the society at any time by a letter addressed to the President or the Secretary.
  • There shall not be restoration of membership after termination.