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Street children are a global issue. In spite of various government efforts and special provision for socio – economic development of under privileged sections, the  street children is not properly addressed. The problem of street children is acute due to urbanization. The street children come to the streets due to various reasons like poverty, rapid urbanization and industrialization associated with the collapse of rural economy, structure that leave children un protected, wrong perception that life in big city would  be easy and fun, and violence and abuse in the home environment. Siliguri alone has an estimated 156 slum villages where thousands of kids are left with no choice and are engaged as child labours with little or no literacy. However this project aims at organizing the street children and providing them with adequate education, providing proper health and hygiene and inculcating livelihood trainings where they could possibly stand out as skilled individuals.


  • To provide street children, a childhood that they never experienced and help them to become responsible individuals.
  • To encourage street children to kindle their potential by providing creative opportunities.
  • To make available a secure place where street children can play and enjoy their childhood.
  • To provide adequate education to street children.
  • To provide welfare services like free meal, health and recreation.
  • To provide basic literacy and facilities for those who wish to study further.
  • To train them with vocational skills so that they can get employed in future
  • To accomplish the physical, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child
  • To accomplish the holistic development of the child

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